Jeni Morrison

Editor & Senior Associate Producer

Jeni joined the series in the summer of 2007, just a few weeks after she graduated from college. It also happened to be a few weeks after Sen. Kennedy's immigration bill failed in the Senate, and we knew we were finally done shooting. Jeni really jumped into the deep end on this series, and her joining at that moment was another major stroke of luck for us.

We'd met the previous June after a works-in-progress screening, and were so impressed by her that we even ignored our usual prejudice against film-school undergrads. Before long she was in command of our somewhat eccentric editing set ups and introducing us to all sorts of exotic foods and drinks, and generally making life better.

Jeni grew up in Long Island, and studied film at Wesleyan University. Besides film, Jeni has a strong interest in universal healthcare & health policy, and encourages viewers to make parallels between the legislative battles in the series and the recent healthcare debate.

After sheparding the post-production of the first five films, Jeni has moved into the editor's chair for one of the most challenging films of the series, "Brothers and Rivals", the final episode of the "Arizona Trilogy."

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