Glenda Ibis Mestey

Interactive Designer / Art Director

Glenda is a Brooklyn-based designer with over twelve years of professional experience in Interactive Media. She brings a fine art sensibility to much of her work.

She first arrived in New York from her hometown, Chicago, during the web's infancy to work on the very first portal site for Latin America, StarMedia.

She went on to accept a staff position at the ABC Television Network for (ABC Internet Group). She remained with the company for four years providing design direction for unique online user experiences for Daytime Emmy Awards and The American Music Awards, companion sites for ABC dramas and ABC Daytime, as well as other network initiatives.

Other past projects span across a number of media, markets and clients which include Lifetime TV, Disney, PBS, CDNET, CW-X, Ogilvy, Renegade, and various Fortune 500 companies.

Glenda met Michael and Shari a few years ago when they sought to revamp their company's web presence. Back then, "How Democracy Works Now" was still in development. They loved her work then and were as happy as she was to have the chance to collaborate together again.

Her concepts have been a major force for this website, which is as ambitious as the series it represents. They wanted to include interactive design features and plenty of video, but also wanted to communicate fairly dense information about policy and legislative procedure, while also dealing with the sometimes emotional issue of immigration. Synthesizing all of that into an enjoyable, exciting web experience was Glenda's challenge - no small feat indeed - and they were thrilled with her work.

On her free time she pursues her other artistic passion - design for sustainable objects - and has recently added "product designer" to her resume.

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