Eliza Paley

Sound Editor

Eliza Paley has worked in film, production and post, for almost 30 years. Beginning in location mixing, moving gradually to the editing room, and then, more specifically to sound editing where she has had a established career since 1988.

As supervising sound editor/sound designer, Eliza has worked with numerous talents, including Robert Altman (A Prairie Home Companion, The Company, Tanner on Tanner, Short Cuts); Tom Dicillo ( The Real Blonde, Box of Moonlight, Living in Oblivion, Johnny Suede); John Turturro (Romance and Cigarettes); Emily Hubley (The Toe Tactic); Gary Oldman (Nil By Mouth); Alex Rockwell (Somebody to Love, In The Soup); Peter Hedges (Dan in Real Life); Douglas McGrath (Infamous); Tim Robbins (Cradle Will Rock); Gregory Mosher (Prime Gig); Hector Bebenco (Carandiru, Foolish Heart); Tony Goldwyn (Someone Like You); Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott (Big Night).

Eliza has Co Supervised or Supervised Dialogue editing for such directors as Stephen Daldry (The Reader); Alan Rudolph (Breakfast of Champions, Afterglow) Todd Haynes (Velvet Goldmine); Cindy Sherman (Office Killer) and Julie Taymor (Across the Universe )

She is currently working with Ms. Taymor again (The Tempest). Additionally she was a sound editor on numerous films including: The Wrestler, Adventureland, The Hoax, A Walk on The Moon, Casino, Get Shorty, Pret-A-Porter, The Underneath, Crooklyn, Hudsucker Proxy, Age of Innocence, Household Saints, Passion Fish, Malcolm X, and Last Temptation Christ. Eliza also has experience in Sound Editing /Design on documentaries (A Brief History of Time, Hasten Slowly, Justice and Jihad, to name a few) and museum installations (Letter On The Blind, Sonata, The Erlking).

In the course of her work history in audio post production, Eliza was a founding partner in two Sound Editing Facilities. One, Effects Filmes, in Sao Paulo, Brasil opened in 1988 and continues til this day though without Ms. Paley who returned to NY in 1990. Then in 1995 in NYC Eliza and two partners founded and ran Planet 10 Post, Inc. until 2001 when it was bought by Liberty Media.

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