Story 8 The Road to Miami

January, 2004: The White House looks as though it has abandoned
immigration reform. But labor's opposition has also derailed
Kennedy's bill, creating a political opening for Republicans in an
election year when the Latino vote could be key.

President Bush gives a strong speech on immigration,
highlighting last summer's Arizona model and redefining the
national debate. The pro-immigration community is divided.
Advocate Frank Sharry determines to forge a new, counter-balancing
left alliance.

If Senator Kennedy and firebrand Congressman Luis Gutierrez
can find common ground, the game just might swing the other way.


  • Shari Robertson, Director/Producer
  • Michael Camerini, Director/Producer
  • Mark Suozzo, Composer
  • Rachel Salmon, Series Coordinating Producer
  • Jeni Morrison, Senior Associate Producer
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