Story 5 The Kids Across the Hill

Winter, 2003: As the new Congress begins, pro-immigration
advocates see a Kennedy bill as their the best bet. But across the Hill
in the House, young staffers for two Republican congressmen
from Arizona, Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake, are quietly crafting something
revolutionary — a guestworker bill with a path to citizenship.

Esther’s not too worried as long as the bill is Republican-only,
but once her rivals begin courting a Democrat, the AFL-CIO
moves to stop them.

Suddenly Esther's got a crisis on her hands…


  • Shari Robertson, Director/Producer
  • Michael Camerini, Director/Producer
  • Garret Savage, Editor
  • Mark Juergens, Editor
  • Mark Suozzo, Composer
  • Rachel Salmon, Series Coordinating Producer
  • Jeni Morrison, Senior Associate Producer
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