Story 12 The Senators' Bargain | Last Best Chance

"Last Best Chance" is the Directors' Cut of the HBO special "The Senators' Bargain"

Spring, 2007: This year, immigration supporters expect great things.
But Senator Kennedy has losthis partner Senator McCain to presidential
primaries, and Republicans now put a very different offer on the table.

Deep at the heart of this fast-moving story lies
a moral tale of modern American politics.

Ted Kennedy, one of the handful of people who, through
his personal efforts, truly changed the face of America,
must decide …how much does he want this deal, and
what is he willing to trade for his greatest legacy? 


  • Shari Robertson, Director/Producer
  • Michael Camerini, Director/Producer
  • Jane Rizzo, Editor
  • Mark Suozzo, Composer
  • Rachel Salmon, Series Coordinating Producer
  • Jeni Morrison, Senior Associate Producer
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