Story 2: Mountains And Clouds

Mountains and Clouds was a Human Rights Watch Film Festival Selection, and was broadcast on HBO.  Along with Sam in the Snow, it is the first of the two-part story of Senator Sam Brownback's troubled engagement with immigration reform.


Spring 2002: Kennedy and Brownback have rejoined forces, though security is now the focus. Their Border Security Bill must come before immigration reform but there’s a mysterious hold-up in the Senate. Finally it’s revealed a single Senator is at the bottom of the delay -- Appropriations Chairman Robert Byrd, Kennedy’s longest-serving and most feared colleague. Meanwhile, the White House proposes a small, immigrant-friendly provision be added to the stalled Border Security Bill. This unexpected detour creates more trouble every day it lasts. But to unlock the deadlock, what does Senator Byrd want?

1 DVD of the full 93 minute director's cut.

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