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Twelve Stories: How Democracy Works Now | Participants



Janice Easley

Back in the summer of 2001, Janice Easley, a life-long resident of Mason City, Iowa, found herself the center of national media attention. Janice had been active in grass roots causes for a long time, but in that previous year or two had become more and more involved in the immigration debate brewing in Iowa. One of the groups she got involved with was Project USA. That summer, she entered the Project USA “Truthmobile” -- a flatbed truck with a big red sign warning that immigration will double the US population-- as a float in the high school band parade. There was a flap, which led to a community debate and the national media descended.

We didn‘t go to Mason City until October that year, but when we did, Janice was one of the people we were hoping to meet. She graciously introduced us to a lot of her fellow activists, as well as to Max Weaver, Kevin and several others in the Mason City community she holds so dear. In the years since we filmed with her, Janice has remained active in a number of causes. Right now, on top of everything else, she‘s fighting hard to save an antique band shell in Mason City‘s central park downtown.

This past October, 2009, we returned to Iowa to find that immigration was still a big issue. Janice‘s commitment to civic engagement hasn‘t waned one bit either. We were thrilled to catch up with her to show her “The Game is On”, and honored that she liked the film so much. Thank you, Janice!

Janice Easley appears in Stories 1 The Game Is On
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