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Over the years, especially when we realized that 'the show' was looking more like a series, we'd turn back to the necessary task of looking for a better title.  If How Democracy Works Now had been unexpectedly effective on Capitol Hill, it really wasn't that big a hit anywhere else.  We needed something that would help audiences see that the films are about immigration policy, sure, that's the thread that keeps things focused.  But just as much or more, the films are about the ways that people do have a voice in governing the country, the ways that social change can be made to happen -- whatever the angle, whatever the issue.


That was the fundamental problem with any other title.  How Democracy Works Now says it.  That's what the films in the series, and the series as a single story itself, really are about.  So in the end, we decided to keep it.  And it still makes us laugh. 


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