Box Set of 10 DVDs including five new just released films: Stories 5, 9, 7, 10 and 11.


It does not include 3 and 8 which are NOT in production!


This sale price of $200 is for individual use. 

CLASSROOM USE with streaming rights

If you are an academic institution, click here to purchase distribution, including streaming rights, from Alexander Street Press.


The Grand Bargain is born, then 9/11 and an Iowa election foretell the future...

1 DVD of the 90 minute director's cut.



Trying again, but facing Senator Byrd, and the rise of Tom Tancredo...

1 DVD of the full 93 minute director's cut.



The weather turns colder...

A complex moral tale about

"the right clear path".

1 DVD of the full 93 minute director's cut.



If you thought there could never be a House Republican legalization bill...

1 DVD of the full 92 minute director's cut.



The backstory of the original DREAM act negotiations,

and the dangerous art of compromise.

1 DVD of the 60 minute director's cut.



The newest story to be added to the Series - just released, the story of the Labor movement's struggle with immigration reform...

1 DVD of the full 72 minute director's cut



The fight that made Arizona central to the national immigration debate...

1 DVD of the full 96 minute director's cut.



The great first success in a bipartisan deal on immigration.

1 DVD of the full 90 minute director's cut.



Against great odds, Kennedy and McCain battle together in the Senate for a comprehensive bill...

1 DVD of the full 92 minute director's cut



HBO Broadcast as

"The Senators' Bargain"

The epic final battle...

1 DVD of the 101 min. director's cut.

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